MRCOOL offers a complete line of Heating & Air Conditioning Products. Standard Cooling and Heat Pump Systems.


Signature Series & Pro Direct

DIY Series* Central Ducted Hyper Heat & Universal Series


*If you select the Pre-Charged Line-set


Systems for new and replacement installs.

MRCOOL Split Units

Heat Pump & AC Systems

Pro Direct Series Split System Design

R410 A/C Central Duct Systems

Condenser Only

Air Handler Only

MRCOOL R410 units combine superior product quality, energy efficiency, quiet operation, and financial value will be a great solution for tough air comfort problems in a suburban home, commercial office space, condominium, seaside villa, or wherever you desire.            

Signature Series Split System Design

R410 A/C Central Duct Systems

Condenser Only

Air Handler Only

MRCOOL® Central Ducted Hyper Heat Series with the DC Inverter Heat Pump Condenser Kits

Multi Installation - Up-Flow /  Down-Flow / Horizontal

Come in a  2 ton / 3 ton / 4 ton / 5 ton  Systems


These here are sold in Kits. All come with a Wired Thermostat & Remote


All Central Ducted Hyper Heat System can utilize our DIY® Quick Connect® line.


Line-set sizes are 3/8 - 5/8, and come in 16ft, 25ft, 35ft, or 50ft.  


Heat Kits optional - sold separate.  If you need a longer Line-set - you can order an Extension with Coupler.

Approved for Mobile Homes -  High Static Pressure

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Pro Direct Series

Signature Series A/C & Heat Pump

Central Ducted Series

Air Handler / Only


Condenser / Only

Signature Series A-Coils

Vertical Up Flow - Horizontal -  Down Flow

Signature Series Furnaces  BUY NOW

17.3 to 22 SEER Rating / 10 Year Warranty

MrCool Universal Series / DIY when using our Pre-Charged Line-sets

Below is our Universal Cooling Only Series

Can be used with our Furnaces or a stand alone application

For DIY - Use our Pre-Charged Line-set

2 - 3  Ton Series

4 - 5 Ton Series

Available in 15ft, 25ft, 35ft, or 50ft

Signature Series Package Units

AC Only - AC & Heat Pump - AC & Gas

Review & Buy Now UNIVERSAL Systems

For Furnaces - Electric Blowers - A-Coils

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Signature Series Electric Blowers